Wednesday, February 25, 2015


 A miniature scene/
 Asymmetrical beauty/
 Movement reflected

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Willow bonsai-a few weeks old

These are two black willows that I propagated from cuttings. I plan to train them into bonsai as well.

New Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai

So, my new thing is now bonsai.(pronounced bone-psi) These are some sketches and notes in a notebook I bound with the Coptic stitch.

                                                                                    There are two trees at the top of this picture. The one on the right is a Fukien Tea tree I bought last Saturday, and the one at the left is what I will train it to turn out like.
This is the tree. You can see the branch at the very top that is right under where the crown was cut off. That will become the new crown. It was being trained into a two half bend style and I think I will continue where the original artist left off.

Prehistoric Throwback

Feels like I've already put this on the blog, but I don't feel like checking.