Sunday, January 11, 2015

A bit more

I'm not sure I'm going to keep this bit, which is why I post just this section.
The first thing he did was change the key and lock her out. Now she couldn't find him and retract. Or change anything. Then he began sifting through her files. He found her name on first document. It was Tamara. She worked for the authority. There was no middle man. Tamara was a very important hostage.
For a while, he sat at his computer, saving all of her documents to it. He didn't bother to read most of them; he had what he had wanted. When everything was on his computer, he deleted everything on hers and changed the password back. He smirked. She wouldn't like that. Not at all.
Aalam brought up some food for Tamara. She sat on his bed, gazing at nothing. Frowning slightly. She must be looking through her computer, he thought. He left the food on his desk and left. He went down afraid that she would throw the hot soup on him from above. The rest of the soup glistened in his pot, beckoning him. He obliged it and ate it all, then started setting up a place to sleep.
The chair in front of is computer could go back at a 180 degree angle. Quite convenient right then. He lay down. The computer turned off with a special pattern of brainwaves generated by a picture on the ceiling. It was better than a fingerprint, they said. Nobody thinks exactly alike. He would have liked some kind of password and maybe a cornea scan thing though, because people's minds change. But the developers estates assured them that the brainwaves wouldn't change enough for it to be messed up unless you had brain damage.
Aalam thought about the technology. He thought until the room began to flicker from light to dark. Then dark. He welcomed sleep. It swallowed him up. Above, Tamara paced back and forth. He wondered if she would ever stop. She made a rhythm that stalked into his dreams.
Tamara swiped her finger across the screen on the lock. Nothing happened, but she didn't expect anything to. While walking behind him, she had scanned his right and left hand. She would have an easy way out if she could find his printer and connect to it. The room was very cluttered and pretty big. She turned a 360. Maybe she could scan for the printer's signal. Only if she recognized the type.
The scene in front of her turned green and an icon dropped down. She confirmed it and turned a 360 again. An augmented landscape appeared. Clouds of text identified each appliance in the room. After some thought, she walked up to a food containment unit and pushed it side. An office version 3d printer sat on the ground.
It wouldn't connect. Somehow, it just wouldn't. Probably an old manual connection printer. She set it down and put the containment unit back. It probably didn't have a good enough resolution anyway. Finally, she accepted her present position and lay down on the ground to sleep.

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